On this weekend when we remember those who gave their lives in service to our great nation.

I salute you and your service to our country.

  Please stand with the men and women who serve our military and our Veterans.

On this Memorial day as every Memorial day – in remembrance of my father and his flight crew –

John L. Abrams,

James H.Romanski,

Raymond D Robinson,

Dennis M. Womble

Final Mission of LT John L. Abrams

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On July 13, 1968, a U.S. Navy helicopter UH-1B (tail number 62-12515) from HA(L)-3 (Helicopter Attack [Light] Squadron Three “Seawolves”) was on a mission in the vicinity of Dung Island in the lower Bassac River area when it drew Viet Cong ground fire. The aircraft apparently took a .50 caliber round or rounds in the main engine’s transmission. The transmission failed and eliminated the possibility of auto-rotation, causing the aircraft to fall straight to the ground from 800 feet. There were no survivors. When a ground party made it to the crash site, they reported the aircraft was about 18 inches high. The lost crew was composed of pilots LT John L. Abrams and LTJG James H. Romanski, and crewman AMH3 Raymond D. Robinson and AMS3 Dennis M.Womble.
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