What have we lost? What more will we lose?

It is difficult to imagine what we have lost of our past. It is even more difficult to  imagine what more we will lose….

Organ Mountains image
Organ Mountains

Changes to and reversal of federal  policy  will dissolve federal designations of land which could threaten development of resources within some of the most pristine and sensitive ecologic and archaeologic areas in the US.

Rio Grande Del Norte
Rio Grande Del Norte

We have lost much of the cultural  knowledge and life-ways of our world by the assimilation of cultures into “modern western culture”, by force or with the  promise of “a better life”, ancient heritage, language, crafts, survival methods, and many other things are repressed and forgotten.

Bears Ears National Monument image
Bears Ears National Monument

We have a chance to at least save the landscapes, and those sites and sacred places we have left, for the future. Perhaps our grandchildren will visit these places and recapture and revitalize understanding of those things which have been forgotten.

Only preservation will allow the future to have a physical connection to the past, and only that connection will give those future children the knowledge and skills needed to understand, to know, the bond between the earth and us and truly revel in its wonder.

It is time to Act and demand the preservation of our natural, spiritual,and ancient heritage!

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5 Tribes circle Logo

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