The last 8 months campaigning has been an amazing experience!

This race has challenged me in many ways. Most challenging is that some of life’s most unexpected things have distracted my focus and my campaign has suffered.
Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement, I wish that I could continue, however at this time I cannot.
I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for the 2018 NM CD1 US House of Representatives race.
I will continue to will raise my voice loudly and organize to add more people to the chorus to insure that New Mexico is heard.
I cannot be silent to the selfish greed that is destroying our planetary eco system and impoverishing billions and enriching an elite few.
I will not lose hope that compassion, justice, and dignity are possible for everyone on the planet and that we can build social and economic systems that promote instead of deny people their voice or worth.
I will continue:
to build community and will work to make our world more compassionate.
to champion social justice, free public education, universal health care, a livable wage, and simple human dignity for everyone.
to partner with the people and the causes that enable and empower our communities.
to work making a future possible for our children, grand children, and longer.
Thank you once again to everyone – hasta la próxima – להתראות

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