About John Abrams

I was born in Northern Wisconsin. New Mexico is my home. I came to New Mexico for the first time as a boy in 1968. Family friends invited my mother and I to travel the west that summer and fall to help us recover after my father was killed in Vietnam. We moved to New Mexico three years later when my Mother and Stepfather accepted teaching positions at The University of New Mexico.

I attended Jr High, High School, and College in Albuquerque, receiving a Baccalaureate degree from UNM. I continued post graduate studies in several fields at UNM. I met my wife and closest confidant here. We have worked and raised our children here. Most of my family live in the Albuquerque area.

In 2004 Christina and I moved from Albuquerque to Edgewood, where I designed and built our new home, with my own hands.

Over the years I have had many opportunities working in many industries in our State. I have been a construction worker, a mechanic, a print-maker and artist, a mechanical designer and draftsman, and currently am an IT instructor and working as an IT manager.

I have been privileged to serve as a Cub Scout Den leader, assistant Scout leader, Soccer Coach, Judge for Science Fairs and other events. I ran for office in 2007 to make a difference and move things forward in the town where we decided raise our family. I have worked moving Edgewood forward through three terms and am presently Mayor Pro-tem.

As a council member I have written, and passed legislation to allow our municipality the use of federal changes in finance law to create special bonds enabling businesses and residents to install solar, and helped Santa Fe County to do the same. I authored ordinances enabling and regulating the use of wind energy by residents of Edgewood. I have worked to get heavily traveled roads paved. I have helped incorporate our public library and found a new police department. I championed one of the only AARA grants given in New Mexico for alternative energy. The grant built a wind turbine which produces much of the energy used by our sewer plant. I have insisted that Edgewood include solar power on our buildings and that energy conservation is considered a part of the town’s financial strategy.

As a member of the executive board of the Estancia Valley Economic Development Association I have helped to encourage new business to locate in the Estancia valley. I continue to push and support partnerships to construct a medical facility with emergency care capabilities in the Edgwood area. The project is now nearly funded and may begin construction later this year.

I was also appointed to two terms on Santa Fe County’s Health Planning and Policy Commission. I worked on the commission to produce the Santa Fe County Community Health profile, which was used to design programs and direct funding to help improve health outcomes for the County.

Working through Santa Fe county with several departments and the County Commission we established a vegetable garden at our County Senior Center and Senior Centers throughout the County and to provide the communities with locally grown produce.
I also helped to negotiate with the State Department of Transportation and started the formal construction of a trail system for multi-use recreation. Trails will be incorporated as part of the Town’s road design standard to encourage safe and healthy outdoor recreation activity for everyone. .

Having invested my sweat and effort in our community for years. I decided that it was time to give back to my larger community, to work to help New Mexico grow and prosper, to help bring things I see great need for in to our communities and throughout our State.