Public College Education should be free!

What would it take to make a public college degree free?

According to the average annual cost for a college education at an in-state public institution including all living expenses is $9650.00 for the 2016-2017 school year. The National Center for Educational Statistics states that 20.2 million students were enrolled in degree-granting institutions in 2014.

That means the estimated average cost of higher education is near $200 billion per year.
This estimated cost does not factor in interest on student loans or the higher costs of private institutions. However, it is a number to think about particularly when you look at other expenditures in the Federal Discretionary Budget.

In 2015, military expenditures accounted for about 54 percent of our discretionary spending, according to The National Priorities Project. In contrast, education accounted for only six percent of the discretionary budget.

For fiscal 2016, the government is spending $22 billion to fund Pell Grants. Pell grants provide college tuition assistance for low-income students. Education spending peaked in 2009 at $97 billion, thanks to an injection of dollars from the economic stimulus spending on education. This still pales to the $581 billion spent on our military.

Education spending for FY 2016 was down to $68 billion for all education, head start through higher Ed.

We are under funding education massively.

The Trump administration is calling for further reductions in education spending. This will cripple our ability to compete in a world where knowledge and innovation is driving our economy. We must change our priorities to meet the challenges of the future and have a highly educated, innovative, flexible, workforce ready for that future.

Without realistic investment in education we will not lead no matter the military might we may have.

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Dedication – Commitment

June 12 1971, what I said then is still true today.

In front of a congregation of several hundred I made a promise. For 46 years I have stood by that promise. My small patch of earth, wherever it has been, I make healthy and bountiful.

I will do what I can to end the senseless waste of our entire planet.

Help me make a difference, in Washington, to end the disastrous reversal of environmental policy and renew the effort to build a carbon free economy before mid century.

When will the circus end ?

When will the Congress act to end the circus in the White House? Do we need to get on with the business of governing or continue with distraction and infraction, one after another?

There needs to be a special prosecutor appointed and an independent inquiry into the actions of the Trump campaign regarding Russian ties.
There also needs to be an objective look at the classified information given to the Russian diplomats in the White House meeting….
And the information from FBI Director Comey’s memos from the February meeting with President Trump.

Once the investigations and the inquiries are under way, perhaps the business of killing the health care debacle from the House can happen and the tax giveaway in the works can be revealed for the budget disaster it is sure to be…. Or perhaps it is best that the Congress is distracted with the White House circus so no legislation is moved on either floor until the President is either impeached, convicted, or resigns…… Either way, it seems to be time for action.

is there no compassion left in the Republican party?

The Republican repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the bill to replace it has been an exercise in the ludicrous.
First you have a President making promises to the American people about making things better, cheaper, for everyone.
The bill passed by the Republican House is any thing but better, cheaper, or for everyone, except his wealthy friends who will see reductions in their tax bills larger than most Americans annual wages!

Teddy Roosevelt proposed national health care in 1912 there has now been a discussion to create a national healthcare system for over 100 years. Almost every president since Roosevelt has attempted to present a plan. The most headway we have made has been LBJ and Medicare, until President Obama and the Affordable Care Act. It is time to make the health and security of all Americans a real priority.

There have been both Democrat and Republican attempts at creating a plan and even Medicare was originally thought of as the way to health care for everyone. Now the republicans in the house have taken healthcare back 50 years
by passing a measure which dissolves many of the changes the ACA made.

The bill barely passed the house only with Republican support. Not even all of the Republicans in the house cast votes in favor of the bill. With no support from Democrats, and with public scrutiny for the bill very negative. The Republicans in the house have shown a true lack of compassion for the plight for the men women and children of this country.

Trillions in debt, spent on military actions over seas and no budget support for health, education, or our environment. Where is the compassion where is the moral high ground – Certainly not with the Republican agenda!