The Issues

Health care for everyone

Health care for everyone regardless of financial status. We must have the will and the creativity to make it happen. We cannot continue to allow the cost of an illness to strip us, or our families, of our liberty, our wealth, and even our life when we fall ill.



We must teach tolerance and understanding to each other and to our children both by action as well as words. Humanity is rich and varied no one should be excluded or discriminated against for who they are, be it gender, who they love, for their religious belief, age, or any other difference.  Self esteem, self worth, and self-respect, should not be denied or diminished by  prejudice, favoritism, bias, or bigotry. 



We are after all one world. The only world we have. We should revel in our diversity and welcome other cultural values, beliefs, and lifeways that enrich the tapestry that is this country. We must fix the immigration laws and break down barriers, not build walls.



Education is a key part of a new technology workplace. Education is the keystone of an informed electorate. It is the electorate, the people, that make our government, and our economy work.
We can have the most well educated best trained people in the world without saddling them with debt. Our public institutions of higher learning are ready and willing to accomplish the task. We must have the will and the tenacity to make public education free.


Rapid Environmental change – jobs – the future

We must rapidly move to a new energy economy. We have the power to rebuild and renew our nation’s infrastructure. Millions of people will be needed to recreate our transportation, production, commerce, communications and power delivery infrastructures to fit a new energy paradigm that will meet the challenges of global environmental disruption.

As a nation we must look at our needs at home, weigh the responsibility we have as a world leader and choose a course that is more calculated. We must take the path that produces the thought and innovation which creates a future where we can all pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness.